Thursday, October 29, 2015

Go Fly a Kite!

It was a gorgeous fall day, so the girls decided it was time to go out and have some fun. There was a brisk breeze blowing which made for perfect kite flying weather. It was also the perfect day to don some new fall outerwear and you know how these divas are, they will use any excuse to show off new clothes.

Polly decided it was the perfect day to wear her adorable new pumpkin hat. Of course she had to brag that she had her hat custom made by: Bellas Precious Paragons.
Anyway, enough about Polly. Anabelle and Ramona have their kites and want to have fun.
 Did you notice Ramona's cute little kite? It is actually a vintage pin from Avon. Doll props can be find in all sorts of places, you just need to keep your eyes and your mind open.
Anabelle's kite was made by me using my embroidery machine, and a technique called free standing lace.

I made Margot's and Ramona's hair bows using the same technique. It is one of my favorite ways to use my machine.
See anything different about Margot?  She has a brand new body! I removed her original and replaced it with a Pure Neemo body. I just love the articulation.

Anabelle asked the other girls if they wanted to use her kite because she wanted to go in.  She thought she would make the girls a snack, that would give her a chance to use her new mixer.

Isn't it perfect? Can you guess what it really is? Well, if you are a regular blog reader, I am sure that you have correctly guessed that it is a Christmas ornament. They came in different colors, but the black one looks great in the kitchen. As I said, you never know where you will find just the perfect things for your girls.

The other great place to find things like Annabelle's coat and hat and the lace kite and hair bows is my Etsy shop, The Black Onyx Boutique.



Monday, September 28, 2015

News Flash - Rebecca Has Left the Building

Well, were the girls ever surprised when Rebecca told them she was moving out. It doesn't seem like that long ago that she and her little sister, Ramona moved in with Raleigh.

She didn't say too much about it, except that she was leaving and was going to live with their friend Chloe. That's her on the left.
She didn't even tell her little sister Ramona why she was leaving, but Ramona is happy she can stay with the rest of the girls and doesn't have to move again.
I the meantime, the girls are chatting, as girl do, as why Rebecca left
As for now, it is a matter of now you see her:

and now you don't:

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How I spent My Summer Vacation by Polly

I FINALLY got to spend some time in New Hampshire with my friend Ophelia.

She is lucky enough to live on a lake, so we decided to spend the afternoon on the shore. Of course, I had to bring my dog Molly with me. She wanted to go and play in the water.
It was a hot afternoon and the water was so refreshing. Molly just loved it. She didn't want to come out. I decided to let her play and Ophelia and I would do some sun bathing and chatting close by.

Isn't Ophelia's swimsuit adorable? She got it from Little Rose Creations. I am sure you could order one custom made for your girls.
After sitting in the sun for a while, I got a little warm and decided to go for a swim and grabbed my flippers and headed into the lake.

I bet you are just dying to know where I got my fabulous suit. I suppose I will let you in on my secret. I got it from the The Black Onyx Boutique. It comes in this one strap style and one with two straps. You simply must check them out.
After my swim, Ophelia want to try an go for a ride on my bike.

Once I got her steadied, she was off like a shot. We had such a good time together and I hated to say good-bye, but after spending a month in New Hampshire it was time for us to go.

Our next stop was in Harrisburg, PA. There was a very nice campground there and they had an in ground pool. Time for more swimming!

Now it is time to relax!

The next day we went out shopping and sightseeing. First stop was a great place shop.
I didn't find anything for me, but it was a great place to buy gifts for my friends back home.

We were in an area where a lot of Amish people live. I got to sit in Amish buggy which I thought was very cool. Now if only there had been a horse around and then I could have gone for a ride.

Next we went to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

It was really interesting and there were so many trains to see and learn about. We went into the gift shop and I got a great, glittery, green train to remember the trip by.

Just a side note, to help Polly and all the girls hold things, I use a product called Mini-Hold. It is a wax that you stick to an object and then stick to your girl's hand. I also use it to keep things on shelves, walls and such.
We finally had to make our way home. I spent some of the drive just looking out the window with Ebony.
Sometimes I rode up in the truck.
It was a long ride.
It was a great vacation, but I was sure glad to get back home.
Love, Polly


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Snapshots from the Road

Just a few snapshots of Polly's trip, so far. She hopes to spend more time her friend Ophelia next week.

Our travel trailer has a lot of owl d├ęcor. Polly decided to get in the spirit an buy an owl hat.

Here she is spying on our fellow campers in Pennsylvania. Nosey little Diva!

Watching the rain and daydreaming.

Polly made a new friend. H's name is Raymond the Reindeer. We have reluctantly agreed that he can come live with us in Indiana.
 Polly is modeling a new dress that I made. It will be available from : The Black Onyx Boutique when we return from vacation.
Bird watching with our cat, Ebony

Friday, July 31, 2015

Road Trip!

Polly is the most demanding of all of my diva girls! Why in the world did I ever tell her that she could be the one to come with us on our trip to New England? Don't tell her, but I had been thinking about taking her to Blythecon Chicago, but now I am not so sure.

She insisted that she would need a camera for her trip. Where was I going to find a Polly sized camera??? I decided to make one for her. I found a shiny, black, glass, somewhat rectangular shaped bead to use as the body of the camera. To the front, I glued a white glass bead that had a large hole, in proportion to its size. Next to it, I added a small square of tin foil. One the top, is a tiny, black, glass bead. Finally, I strung it on a gold elastic cord to form a camera strap. Problem solved!
Another item she insisted on bringing is her bike. I said yes, but we are going to have to design a bike rack for the back of the trailer, it is simply going to take up too much room inside.
The one thing she was good about, was that she did her own shopping for the trip. She realized I was never going to have time to make her an entire travel wardrobe, so she took matters into her own hands. The travel outfit she is wearing, as well as most of her clothes for the trip came from: Ellie Moe & Little Hoos

The big day finally arrived and we went off on our first trip with our new travel trailer.
Polly had packed more than her share, but what was I to do? I managed to find her a place to put everything and we were on our way.

Unfortunately, when you convert a Blythe doll to this body style, they lose the ability to sit. Polly road along standing in the cup holder. She was more than happy to give driving suggestions from this vantage point.

When we ran into bumper to bumper traffic, she got very board and decided a nap was in order.

She did enjoy the lovely, wooded area when we made a pit stop in Ohio.

We were all glad to stop in Pennsylvania for a couple of nights to break up the long drive.

Polly is wearing her new cami and bloomers pajamas, that will be available at: TheBlackOnyxBoutique when we return from our trip.

Doesn't she look cozy all covered up with her beautiful new blanket made by my friend Josetta? I think that I will call it a night too. My demanding diva will be back at it tomorrow and I need to rest to keep up with her.